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Eight years of steady growth, progress and achievement has put Lafayette on the map - and made us the destination for opportunity, jobs and culture.

For a more complete list please visit the comprehensive list posted by the Lafayette Economic Development Authority .


Lafayette ranked 6th out of 366 metropolitan areas with the Fastest Economic Growth.

Digital Media Cluster - Lafayette was one of Ten Places in the South that were identified as cities where the digital media industry sector is successfully doing business.
Source: Southern Business & Development, Winter (April 2011)

Top Place to Live - Lafayette was one of America's "Top 100 Places to Live".
Source: RelocateAmerica (July 2011)

Best Food City in America - Lafayette was named in "Best for Food" in Rand McNally/USA Today's Best of the Road competition.

Best Places in LA - Lafayette, along with two other communities in our Parish, was ranked among the 20 Best Places to Live in Louisiana.
Source: Yahoo Associated Content (March 2011)


Best Cities - The Lafayette MSA was ranked 11th "Best Performing (Large Metro) City in the nation citing 5-year job growth
Source: Milken Institute (October 2010)

Awesome Summer Vacation
- Bing Travel names Lafayette as their top Louisiana recommendation for summer vacations in each state.
Source: Bing Travel (July 2010)

Lafayette in the Top 30 cities nationwide as a great place to transition into successful second careers.
Source: The Daily Beast (October 2010)

Surviving the Recession - Lafayette was recently named one of "20 Cities Surviving the Recession" based on job availability and opportunity.
Source: Mainstreet, May 2010

Best City for Job Growth - Lafayette was ranked #8 in the "Best Cities for Job Growth".
Source: New Geography. (April 2010)

Top Place to Live - Lafayette was one of America's "Top 100 Places to Live" in RelocateAmerica 13th edition of this annual list.
Source: Associated General Contractors of America. (April 2010)


Best Place to Launch a Business
Source: Fortune Small Business, (October 2009)

Best Place to Find a Job - 8th in the US for job growth. Source: (September 2009)

Best Places for Business and Careers
- Lafayette's cost of doing business ranks 32nd lowest, income growth ranks 19th and job growth ranks 24th among the largest 200 US metro areas.
Source: Forbes Magazine (March 2009)

Smaller Markets for Foreign Investment - One of ten markets in the South.
Source: Southern Business & Development, May 2009 (Winter 2009)

Best Mid-Sized Cities for Jobs - 3rd among midsized metro areas.
Source: Forbes Magazine, April 2009


Quality of Life - Lafayette was ranged as a top 5 small city for Quality of Life among all North American cities with less than 500,000 population.
Source: fDi Magazine (April 2007)

Job & Wage Growth - The U.S. Department of Labor ranks Lafayette 2nd out of 325 large counties for 7% increase in job growth from June 2006 - June 2006.
Source: Department of Labor (January 2007)

Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs - Lafayette ranged 22nd best mid-sized city in the nation for entrepreneurs.
Source: Entrepreneur Magazine, (September 2006)

Lafayette ranked 225 out of 3,000 counties in the nation for being one of the most tech-savvy areas in America.
Source: USA Today (October 2005)


The Charter Commission has recommended a change in consolidation. It would keep the services we receive consolidated, keeping the efficiencies we now have. But it would divide the government into a pure parish government and a pure city government for Lafayette. Do you support the Charter Commission's recommendation?